The Faith Group

The Faith Group is a media and entertainment company. Our mission is to inspire and uplift. The Faith Group comprises of three arms; Faith Over Fear Magazine, Faith Over Fear TV Studios and Faithful Films.

Faith Over Fear Magazine

Faith Over Fear Magazine is a faith based web magazine based out of The Bahamas whose sole mission is to inspire the world to live #fearlessly and #faithfilled! Join Our Community


Faithful Films


Faithfull Films is a film company designed to produce quality family entertainment.

The first film is set to be launched in Fall of 2019.

Faith Over Fear TV Studios


Faith Over Fear TV Studios began as a way to promote the magazine through video. The short online videos have become very popular and there is high demand for more shows as well as various others.

Faith Over Fear TV Studios will continue to produce shows that coincide with content in Faith Over Fear magazine and is now in the process of developing several other shows to be aired on both Bahamian and international stations.